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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 11, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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it is august, do not let it pass you by. see you on monday. >> shannon: "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert and an escalating war of words between president trump and north korea. good morning to you, welcome to "happening now," i am scott. >> melissa: and i'm melissa francis. this is president trump faces criticism for his tone on the nuclear threat including his most recent fire and fury comments. the president defending himself with this. >> frankly, the people who question that statement if it was too tough, maybe ed wasn't tough enough. they've been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years, and it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries.
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>> jon: north korea has repeatedly threatened to launch a missile attack on guam in response new sanctions. a state run newspaper says the mainland could be reduced to ashes at any moment. rich edson is live at the state department. >> as the white house and north korea continue to trade threats, we are getting news from the associated press the senior u.s. diplomat is conducting back channel talks with north korea. ongoing discussions that have been ongoing for several months. this is the president tweeted about north korea again this morning, saying in a tweet, military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. the korean people's army say it's developing a plan to develop muscles around guam. its planners say they will finish the proposal by the middle of the month and then kim jong-un will decide whether to implement that proposal.
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japan and defending its ally, the united states essay and will intercept and destroy any north korean missile that flies over its territory. rex tillerson has just returned from several days and asia, much of that trip focused on north korea, despite two intercontinental ballistic missile launches since the fourth of july, the state department contends that campaign is working. >> we've had many countries, countries we are close friends with and countries that we aren't as close with, help participate in the pressure campaign and that's because the world recognizes a severe threat that north korea faces, not just to the united states, but to the entire world. >> china supported those sanctions, the state department says that china has made some progress, though it needs to be doing much more. we've also just gotten a statement from the chinese foreign ministry of all this rhetoric going back and forth between the united states and
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north korea. china says they want all sides to calm the rhetoric rather than to relapse into the old path of showing assertiveness and escalating tensions. >> jon: rich edson, to keep an eye on the state a permit for us. thank you. president trump camping up his criticism of mitch mcconnell, making clear his frustration at the lack of significant process legislatively and congress. >> melissa: when asked if he should step down as majority leader, the president gave an open-ended answer. >> i'll tell you what, if you and get repeal and replace done, if he doesn't get taxes done, meaning cuts and reform, and if he doesn't get a very easy done infrastructure, then you can ask me that question. that means asking that question. >> melissa: rick leventhal
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joins us live from bridgewater, new jersey, near where the president is a sort of vacationing, mostly working. what can you tell us? >> of the president has been consistent on this all week, bashing the senate majority leader daly for his failure to push the president's plan for repeal and replace through the senate and it really started back on monday when senator mcconnell was addressing a rotary club meeting in his home state and blamed the delays on health care in large part on the president's lack of experience on capitol hill. that sparked an angry ten minute phone call from the president to mcconnell on wednesday morning morning. mr. trump got increasingly angry, criticizing the kentucky senator for his lack of support, which the president then boldly expressed on twitter, saying that mcconnell screamed repeal and replace for 7 years and couldn't get it done and then telling mcconnell and a follow-up to get back to work saying, you can do it. late yesterday the president was asked about it again. >> i'm very disappointed in
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mitch, but if he gets these bills passed, i'll be very happy with him and i'll be the first to admit it. but honestly, repeal and replacement of obamacare should have taken place and it should have been on my desk virtually the first week that i was there, the first day. i've been hearing about it for seven years, so repeal and replace should have taken place. >> congressman jim jordan, republican from ohio weighed in on the trumpet-mcconnell feud on fox and friends this morning. >> the american people are frustrated. i saw traveling across our district, people are so disappointed in what happened in the united states senate two weeks ago, and frankly what failed to happen which is doing something about this law. on with doing with the president told us he should do. >> no response yet.
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he has a several meetings this afternoon including one with nikki haley were north korea will no doubt be discussed. that meeting is closed to the press. >> melissa: a lot of frustration out there, rick leventhal, thank you. >> jon: let's bring in jeff mason, he has white house correspondent for reuters and president of the white house correspondence association and opinions editor for the weekly standard. jeff, to you first, this is obviously a very different president. is this his way of conducting diplomacy with the legislative branch? >> first of all, former president of the white house correspondents association, but yes, it is a very different president. he is accustomed to using twitter for when he's upset with somebody, whether it's in north korea or here in washington, d.c.. that is his style. ed catches people off guard, particularly when he's criticizing people from his own party that he needs, like mitch
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mcconnell. he really does need senator mcconnell if he wants to do that list of things that you just played him talking about, tax reform, infrastructure, and of course health care if they take that up again. >> jon: barton, if he does need mitch mcconnell, should he left the criticism? >> yeah, i think probably so. you have to remember that mitch mcconnell is what they call eight transactional politician, it's not that he doesn't care about policy, or principal, but he's transactional and that he likes the power play, he likes the win, he likes to stack up majorities with people with ours after their name. with somebody like that, he's playing along with trump. even though trump's poll numbers are in the ash heap and he's doing that because trump has an r after his name. i would say if trump starts
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going rogue and diluting the republican brand, whatever that means, he can expect a lot of institutional opposition in the senate. >> jon: there is a danger, isn't there, jeff, and attacking mitch mcconnell? he's also attacked paul ryan in the past. is there a danger that other members of the republican club on capitol hill are going to sort of link arms and unite against their own party? >> for sure there is a danger and it's happening at a time when there's an investigation going on of president trump's associates, with regard to russia and his campaign ties to russia and potential collusion there. so he needs support from those senators from people in his party for that coming down the road, as well as the legislative goals that he has articulated and we just talked about. >> jon: at the same time, barton, this is mitch mcconnell who talked about wanting to hold barack obama to one term, he got to go terms,
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but repeal and replace has been in the lexicon for seven years, then they go to the republican in the white house they don't get it done. barton, are you able to hear me? it appears we lost our audio connection to barton, are you able to hear me? maybe not. let me throw the question back at you, jeff. >> i can take that one. the president's frustration is very sincere and real, he's concerned with repealing and replacing obamacare and he expected that the senate would be ready for that when he got into office. on the other hand, senator mcconnell's frustrations that he articulated in that speech that then upset the president were very genuine as well. this is somebody who came into office without any background in politics, he made promises such as saying will repeal and replace on day one. that was unrealistic.
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that's a source of frustration for somebody who made that such a centerpiece of what he offered to the american people. >> jon: president obama was criticized for not wanting to get his hands dirty in the legislative process, he said the big goalpost and then let the legislature worked things out and to a large extent, that would be the case with obamacare. should this president get more hands-on if he wants obamacare repeal and replace? >> i think people are looking at what his involvement was and what was helpful and how he perhaps could have been more helpful. he wasn't a hand on legislator. it was a plan that came from president trump to be what was voted on during those myriad votes most recently, so the
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approach that he has taken is one of press, push, encourage, and it didn't work. he's blaming mitch mcconnell as the lead negotiator of that, but certainly the white house has some responsibility there as well. >> jon: i suppose, barton, you can have some some of the for the president who comes into office after hearing seven years of republican promises to repeal and replace, even a vote that made it to the president's desk, the former president's desk to repeal and replace and this time, they can get it done. >> that's right, i can sympathize with the president a little bit. there is a brutal logic to his tweet. they passed bills like this over and over when barack obama was president and they can get it done at all. let's just be honest, it doesn't matter what's in the bill for donald trump to sign it. it could say mary had a little lamb and he'd put a signature on
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it and yet they can give him anything? >> jon: there is that and now you've got this circular firing squad among republicans in washington as a result. barton swaim, from the weekly standard, jeff mason from reuters, formerly white house correspondent association president, thank you both. >> melissa: knew details emerging about the death of a 19-year-old penn state student after a frat party, what a detective is now saying about surveillance video from the scene. the u.s. and its western allies are urging to help with north korea, but the president seems to be holding out, what will it take to get china on board to help prevent a nuclear attack? >> china has unique leverage of north korea and we encourage china to use that to bring this regime to its senses.
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>> jon: right now, new information on some crime stories were watching. police in great britain still searching for a jogger who pushed a woman into the path of a london bus. yesterday police arrested a suspect was later released. the woman is okay. i detective investing the death of 19-year-old penn state sophomore jim piazza. he appears to have died after falling down the stairs of the house in february after a night of drinking during a pledge ceremony. police in south florida issuing an amber alert for 4-year-old donald to camarillo. he was seen last thursday with his nanny who is seen with the little boy. >> melissa: china is holding out on the north korean threats despite pressure from the west to get involved. the chinese government is pledging neutrality, unless
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new york straits north korea first, in that case, beijing says it would defend pyongyang against any attempt to overthrow the kim jong-un regime. >> china is a country of rationality and reason in this politically deteriorating and escorting patients involving several countries in this part of the world. i hope the united states will give heed to what china stands for, rather than accusing china of not doing enough to help resolve the tensions on the korean peninsula. >> melissa: anthony rosario a senior fellow at the defense of democracies, welcome to the show. let me ask you first, how do you interpret the statement out of china right now? >> it seems the chinese are
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trying to telegraph to north korea that they shouldn't initiate a military complex. it came from a chinese newspaper, which is not necessarily authoritative, but they probably wanted to get that message out to kim jong-un. the chinese earlier this week said they were willing to pay an economic price to implement the new u.n. resolutions. the trump administration should go to them and say, we're going to pay an economic price if you don't implement that solution as well. >> melissa: why would they need to use a newspaper to communicate their message to north korea when they have a very tight relationship? couldn't they just pick up the phone? >> their political relationship is a little rocky at the moment. when kim jong-un took power, it's not as strong. remember kim jong-un's father and grandfather, and i also think most of this rhetoric has been done publicly, so that's a way for the chinese to put the
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statement out publicly. it's not an official statement, so if they want to walk away from it, it gives them plausible deniability. >> melissa: colonel oliver wrote an op-ed today on and he urges our nation to take ten steps to basically attack stance. including moving a hospital ship nearby there, a list of things that would publicly signal that the u.s. is prepared to take action. do you think that would press china to a position of trying to rein in north korea or what you think would work? >> military moves like that might have a dangerous risk of escalation, unnecessarily so. i don't like the military conflict at this time is really necessary, except to defend ourselves or if there is a military -- >> melissa: let me stop you there before we run out of time. it seems like now we've gotten to the point where we've said,
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this is where we would be when we have to act. they have a nuclear warhead whether it's miniaturized or not, it's not time to do something dramatic? >> we have to be clear that they've had a nuclear warhead for 11 years now. i think there are other options on the table, including it looks like they're talking to north korea directly. we haven't really tried sanctions. a military conflict will put south koreans and americans in danger and i think other than defensive, i don't think we need to -- perhaps putting two more aircraft carriers in the region, i don't think the chinese will be happy with that, rather than building up troops for a conflict that i don't think we're ready to initiate. >> melissa: they have a miniaturized warhead that they can mount on the tip of an icbm. it does seem like it advances the ball on their side. we will see. sir, things are coming on today, we appreciate it. >> jon: the investigation into the paris attack is not moving along as quickly as investigators would have hoped because the suspect is too injured to talk.
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8:25 am
beliefs. >> jon: disturbing body cam footage released of an officer in south carolina getting shot and almost dying. the officer asks the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets. and said, the suspect pulled out a gun and choose the officer several times. that video from january 2015 is now being released after the shooter was found guilty of attempted murder. laura ingle is live with more. >> this is the first time we are seeing stunning footage that was shown to jurors this week, which gives us a breathtaking view of what it was like for officer quincy smith to be shot at point-blank range while on patrol in south carolina. the video came from a body camera the officer says he purchased himself from amazon for $30. he turned the camera on after he was chasing a suspect at a local convenience store.
8:26 am
watch. >> stop! get your arms out of your pocket! take your hand out your pocket! if you don't stop, i'm gonna tase you. get your hand out your pocket! shots fired! >> he was shot four times and sustained a life-threatening neck injury and two broken arm bones in the shooting. in the video, you can hear him radio for help and as he waits, a good samaritan comes up and offers to stay with him all while keeping him calm as they wait for an ambulance to arrive. >> thank you, sir. please tell my family i love them. >> malcolm aura was found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a weapon and sentenced to 35 years in prison.
8:27 am
officer smith is still out on medical leave. officer smith spoke with a local reporter this week and said he still has nightmares about the shooting, but he forgives the man and prays for him and his family adding violence and guns aren't the answer which is why he became a police officer in the first place. >> jon: i think that helps us all appreciate the work that police officers do. laura ingle, incorporated you. >> melissa: president trump having no regrets about his warnings to north korea, in fact he says he thinks he didn't go far enough. now the mainstream media is criticizing him. our media panel debates. plus, a b-1 bomber and other u.s. air standing by and guam in case pyongyang takes action. a closer look at how the american territory is preparing amid the ongoing threat from north korea. >> we feel safe here right now
8:28 am
and that's what this bomber threat does, and assures our allies and deters our adversaries.
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women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. >> north korea best to not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury and frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> melissa: president trump
8:32 am
giving warning to north korea. >> jon: the north responding with threats to attack the u.s. territory of guam and the u.s. pacific ocean. >> melissa: the media weighing in on the president's threats. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> our job tonight is to scare people to death on this subject, so the talk isn't as free as it is about a preemptive or surgical military strike. >> if there is a brand-new, totally unprecedented, problem and then u.s.-north korean relationship. >> it sound like don't mess with us and if you push me, i'm going to be forced to push you back. >> jon: lynn sweet washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times" and he will garten, editorial director for the "washington examiner." you heard those sound bites and
8:33 am
they are. our job is to scare people to death, craziness. is it that bad? >> this is a serious, dangerous situation that the nation. rachel is a commentator, brian williams, i think the job at this very perilous time in history is just to inform people, perhaps people weren't even thinking about how close an american territory guam is to north korea, so at this point in time, the president is speaking so forcefully about the potential of battling north korea, i would think people should be paying attention and we have not had this situation before or a missile with a nuclear warhead is within reach of the united states, as far as the midwest. >> jon: it's a situation, hugo, where media representatives can go out and
8:34 am
find an expert who will portray whatever point of view they choose to bring on. cbs put on mike marelli, he was president obama's deputy, he said this talk is reckless and limits the options that the united states has. how do you evaluate that? >> i think it's exactly the opposite. this kind of rhetoric is necessary. instead of narrowing the options, making it plain that the military option is on the table increases the options, not just by making people realize that north korea realized for the first time in 23 years that the military option is really on the table and they take it seriously, but we need negotiations for the other side to realize that if negotiations and diplomacy, and they don't take that seriously come out the military option is coming. what talk like this does is also make diplomacy that much more likely to succeed. >> jon: because it is true, lynn, that we tried sanctions and diplomacy and we even had a
8:35 am
nuclear agreement with the north koreans back in the bush administration, which they promptly broke. >> what i think we're looking at now is a snapshot of today. there has been a swift escalation both and rhetoric prompted by the north korea missile tests which again, brings us to this unprecedented point. the point of some of this press that you're talking about is whether or not trump has done the appropriate behind the scenes work of coordinating with allies, that there is an eminent strike threat of taking the united states, warning them to leave south korea, redeploy our troops, reposition our battleships if need be, so i think some of this is the other, it also goes to show what president trump is doing in a plan to carry out his threat, so
8:36 am
i'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying that this is -- where we are at as a result of a failure to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of north korea, but it's also at a point where you do have a president who is making very provocative statements and what people want to know in their reporting is how is he backing this up to make sure the united states is ready with the proper response? >> jon: one of the problems journalists have in evaluating kim jong-un and probably the pentagon, hugo, is that he is unpredictable. is it possible that pairing him or answering him with nonprotectable u.s. presence is in some way helpful? >> i think that's part of the plan. our information from inside the administration may confirm that there is a deliberate good
8:37 am
cop/bad cop policy and play. clearly president trump is shooting to and enjoys playing the baddest cap of all. rex tillerson, the secretary of state has emphasized diplomacy and says americans can sleep soundly at night. and then general mattis at the pentagon, he was very tough the other day and he said that north koreans need to realize that if they don't negotiate and they don't pull back from this then the united states has the power. he said the united states has the power to destroy the regime and the people. it was extremely tough. this is definitely deliberate and aimed not just at the north koreans, but the audience of this is also the chinese because if they realize that washington is serious about using military options, if necessary, than they are going to be putting pressure on north korea because they do not want a war on their soil.
8:38 am
>> jon: worth noting that all the stuff rhetoric resulted in a unanimous u.n. security council vote to put very tough sanctions on north korea. maybe this is working after all. hugo, lynn, thank you very much for being our media panel today. now this fox news alert, guam is preparing for a potential attack from north korea after those repeated threats of a missile strike. >> melissa: the home page for guam's homeland security now displaying tips for emergency prep. william la jeunesse is live and guam with more. >> we are not trying to be sensational at all, half the people i talked to today are going about their business. they're not all that worried. as you said, this comes right off the guam homeland security website. it basically says how to prepare for eminent missile threat. it says number one, don't look at the nuclear fireball because it may blind you, take shelter
8:39 am
in a concrete building, make sure to remove your radioactive clothing and take a shower. this isn't the kind of language we've heard since the 1960s and yet here in 2017 and guam, this is part of the vocabulary. this all comes after north korea basically vowed to strike the island with four ballistic missiles, possibly nuclear warheads and putting guam in the cross hairs and the 160,000 individuals, mostly u.s. citizens on edge. it takes just 14 minutes from takeoff until impact, which of course, is why they are saying, we are worried because we have nowhere to go. there's not a whole lot they can do. >> is not like anything i do or say is going to change anything. >> was a consideration at all to come here? >> at first, when the two heads get together, hopefully they won't do anything stupid.
8:40 am
>> like i said, many don't agree, they feel very comfortable that the u.s. military will intercept any missile fired here, that the island was packed with very advanced antimissile systems, but also the fad system, that's based out of the giant andersen air force base where there are a lot of bombers there that have come in and preparation of a possible conflict. the governor here says he feels that there will be no threat in the military will take care of it. >> i don't sense people being scared. i think people know that our nation has defenses. >> at this point, there has been no change in the threat level either in the military base and guam or in our civilian community. >> this island is about 200
8:41 am
square miles, about nine times larger than manhattan and tourism is the number one economic driver here and for the most part, the hotels are still full, a few cancellations, but life goes on and most of the citizens are from japan and south korea. back to you. >> melissa: and q for that report, william. >> jon: i like the governor they were in a flowered shirt. you could call it a hawaiian shirt. anyway. passenger jet out of fort lauderdale forced to dig in and around midflight after a number of crew members got sick. we'll tell you what happened there. and the defense secretary james mattis speaking out of the north korea crisis, revealing the strategy he thinks is best to curb that rogue regimes nuclear ambitions. why our next guest says none of the options on the table are any good. >> my portfolio, my mission, my responsibility is to have military options, should they be
8:42 am
needed. however, right now, secretary tillerson, ambassador haley, you can see the american effort is diplomatically led, it has diplomatic traction, it is gaining diplomatic results. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. >> announcer: no one loves a road trip like your furry sidekick! so when your "side glass" gets damaged... [dog barks] trust safelite autoglass to fix it fast.
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>> jon: three sick light attendance forced a plane heading to barbados to turn around. the plane left fort lauderdale airport yesterday. the flight attendants said they were suffering headaches because of an odor on board. the captain turned the plane around and headed to fort lauderdale. >> fire rescue responded, we evaluated the three flight attendants were completing of symptoms, made sure there were no other injuries and checked the aircraft out with our fire rescue hazardous materials team. >> jon: a different crew was assigned to the flight and it took off again last night.
8:46 am
>> it does need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. >> melissa: james mattis weighing in on a potential conflict with north korea, he says military options are on the table, but for now, the strategy is diplomacy and that is what he hopes will continue. let's bring in david pierce, he is a former navy seal. it goes without saying that a conflict would be catastrophic, but it seems there is a point at which gets infinitely more catastrophic, depending on what weapons north korea has been able to obtain and arm. what do you think that point is? >> i think that point comes when north korea attacks at all because you have an exploratory spiral that can happen with these conventional weapons. if they start launching artillery across the soil, we know that as we came out the war escalation piece, it ends and nuclear weapons being launched. that leads you to the conclusion
8:47 am
of okay, if they begin to launch and they launched towards guam, we need to respond in such a way that they have the capability to come back and hit the capital and launch other weapons. >> melissa: you are talking about them launching a missile first as opposed to some advocate going in and wiping out the weapons they have or at least trying to do that in some way before they build up a larger arsenal. >> i don't think that's in the realm of possible at this point. when you look at the mobility of those weapons, how deep they are underground, i do not think that there is a competence level to be able to stop that and to be able to launch an attack. i don't think that that's a good possibility. >> melissa: what do we do from here? >> from here, you do what general mattis said. after pursue multiple lines.
8:48 am
it you're doing the diplomacy piece, you have to do the isolation, but it has to be a credible threat that's on the table and i believe that's what president trump is trying to do and say, look at, utter annihilation, catastrophic results will come for more. we saw china put out a couple of statements just yesterday that they understand this and they told north korea, we are not going to come to your aid if you strike the u.s. first. >> melissa: what would that look like you try to pressed china into service question rick we talked about how we need to assume the strategy of being ready for battle, but for china to intervene, what does that mean, raining them in? do they have to push for a regime change? what would be convincing that this is no longer a threat? >> for china, i don't think it needs to be a regime change. china wants the status quo. the north korean peninsula or the korean peninsula is a very
8:49 am
strategically located place for china, for russia, for japan, so they want the status quo, just without nuclear weapons. there is a larger thing at play here as well, if north korea is able to keep its capability, develop it further, to proliferation of nuclear weapons is going to occur. it's going to occur either in japan, which china does not want, it's going to spread to iran, saudi arabia, then you end up with madness everywhere. this is not to say that china is able to fix all this either. they are not the ultimate solution, they don't have complete control over north korea, but it becomes in their interest to keep the status quo, minus nuclear weapons and that's what people start to push for. >> melissa: it seems hard to imagine that it would stay in power. he has said he's not going to do that,'s the idea you don't need regime change and somehow can have them disarmed of their
8:50 am
nuclear capability seems hard to imagine, but we'll see. things were coming on, we appreciate your time. >> jon: he's a young inventor with a hot idea. this 11-year-old boy came up with a device that could save dozens of young lives every yea year. and a rare honor for a world war ii veteran who risked his own life for his country and the face of discrimination. >> on a military base, we served with a reminder of the lessons to honor the courage and commitment that these individuals have left is their legacy.
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8:53 am
>> sandra: coming up on "outnumbered," president trump doubling down on his threats against north korea saying maybe his fire and fury comments weren't tough enough. the defense secretary james mattis says diplomacy is the way
8:54 am
forward. where does it go from here? >> dagen: mr. trump claiming that mitch mcconnell should step down if he doesn't get obamacare repealed, tax reform, and infrastructure done. good strategy told his feet to the fire or could it backfire? >> sandra: all that plus our #oneluckyguy, hope he gets here soon. "outnumbered," top of the hour. >> jon: the u.s. navy honors a 102 year old world war ii veteran by naming a barracks in his name. andy mills risked his life during the battle of midway, frank classified documents from a heavily damaged ship moments before it was destroyed by japanese fighter planes. all this despite facing discrimination in a segregated navy at the time. chief mills saying he is overjoyed by the honor. >> chief mills, can you tell everyone how you're feeling right now? about this building being named after you?
8:55 am
>> jon: the new barracks is located in california just off of san diego. a texas sixth-grader has a hot idea to solve what is a deadly problem. >> melissa: texas leads the nation and the number of children killed by being locked in hot cars. 11-year-old bishop curry has developed a special advice to help cool things down and hopefully save lives. casey stegall has a story. >> melissa, on a hot summer day like this, the experts tell us from the moment you close your car door, you turn it off, the ac is not running, it doesn't even matter if you crack the windows. the temperature inside that car increases 80% in just 10 minutes. right now, it's about 95 degrees outside. and on the inside of this car
8:56 am
already, just a shooting through the window, 105 degrees or so. that's not even with the window up. we want you to make this texas greater, bishop curry the fifth. when he's not being a typical kid, at just 11 years old, he has invented oasis and his patent is pending by the way. oasis is a device that detects motion and a vehicle's back seat after the car is off, then it activates a special fan that blows cold air on the child or pet while it sends an alert to the parents mobile phone and gps coordinates to local authoritie authorities. it is portable so it can be adjusted to be anywhere. >> it looks like a triangle so i can angle it perfectly. it benefits back there and i can blow directly down like that. >> medical experts say it does not take long to become a fatal
8:57 am
situation. texas leads the country, the nation in terms of these deaths. it is estimated a child dies every nine days on average. in hot cars. >> jon: casey, thanks, we'll be right back. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> jon: we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump telling north korea, get your act together as he doubles down on his warnings to kim jong-un to stop threatening the united states and its allies. mr. trump saying just this morning, america's military solutions are in place and toda today, he's meeting with rex tillerson and h.r. mcmaster as well as u.n. ambassador nikki haley. this is to be, i'm sandra smith. here today, from the fox business network, dagen mcdowell, also from fbn, anchor of the intelligent sea report, trish regan


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